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about us

Shucking careers in the kitchen and cubicle, A/P specialist Doreen Rivers-Graham and champion oyster shucker/Chef Tres Hundertmark, went to Morehead City to pursue oyster farming in 2016. During our excursion, it was determined a niche market for these vibrant oysters did not exist. 

Thus, NCOyster 365 was born in the fall of 2017, to share the rich diversity of oysters in North Carolina and show why North Carolina is referred to as the Napa Valley of Oysters.






Tres Hundertmark & Doreen Rivers-Graham


NCOyster365  |  The Napa Valley of Oysters



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If you are looking to add a little extra to your event or a farmer looking to sell your inventory in other markets-NCOyster 365 is your company.

What is NCOyster 365?

  • A local (North Carolina) based company
  • An aggregator for the "Napa Valley of Oysters"
  • A facilitator of exceptional oyster experiences
  • An educator in North Carolina oyster diversity

Who are NCOyster 365 clients?

  • Those looking for a unique oyster bar experience
  • Oyster farmers looking for marketing assistance
  • Distributors looking to increase product diversity
  • Companies / organizations looking to add something oyster & something North Carolina to their next event

Want us for a party click the Services section on the homepage. Farmers & distributors select Wholesale.